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About Albanian College Durrës

Director's Welcome

Welcome to Albanian College, Durres - a global learning community!

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to you. A beacon of academic excellence, and a vibrant hub of global learning, Albanian College Durres (ACD) is celebrating ten years of developing young people who are intelligent, creative, compassionate, and forthright. 

Our mission is to create a positive, holistic, inquiry-based learning environment that embraces the uniqueness and attributes of each member of the school community. Our pupils have ownership of their own learning and seek ways to demonstrate leadership in and out of the classroom, and each student is empowered with the ability and desire to be a knowledgeable, responsible, internationally-minded citizen. 

Albanian College is committed to the development of each student as a whole person, their human relationships, and their place within the community and the wider world. Our campus is more than just a place for academic pursuits; it is a vibrant community where diversity is celebrated, and friendships are forged. 

As you navigate our website you will find valuable information about our academic pursuits, facilities, and the various opportunities that await your child. We are committed to open communication, and we are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

I look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you into our global learning community.

Our Curriculum

Albanian College Durres offers an all-through experience, with students aged 3-18 learning and growing together as a community.  

Early Years (ages 3-6)

Beginning at the age of 3, the Early Years experience at ACD provides students with a structured and meaningful foray into the world of school Our teaching staff creates meaningful, appropriate lessons based on a learning- by- doing approach, incorporating a wide variety of activities that develop students physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

Primary (grades 1-5)

Instruction in the Primary Years for students aged 6-11 is designed to grow and develop the natural intelligence and curiosity in children. Their learning experiences are inquiry-based, and are centered on vertically-aligned thematic units, each of which highlights our school's Mission and Values. 



Secondary (grades 6-12)

Following the AERO and Next Generation Science Standards, our secondary curriculum is aligned with that of the US. Our students follow a course of study through middle and high school that prepares them for college, careers and life as a global citizen.




Our Teachers

Our Teachers